Alan (prayingforrain7) wrote,

requesting a small favor

So it looks as though I'm going to be getting my own weekly radio show. I'm going to generally focus on ideas that don't get much coverage on American media (the cruelty of carnivorism, the unquestioned premise of american/corporate superiority, The innocence project and general issues of our injustice system, etc). Since I'm in a state that will be a cruicial swing state, I'll also welcome any progressive candidate (or their surrogates), though I have no interest in having a "headline news" sort of program. So yes, the favor... I have no clue what I should name this show and the station (which I will post later) requires a name.. heh, so yes, any ideas?
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I like this. I'm willing to offer anything to help. Certainly I am WAY more left wing then most but hey. I'd be interested in writing a bit for you if you're interested