Alan (prayingforrain7) wrote,

An update on my radio program!

So I'd previously posted here about the fact that I was to be starting my own radio pogram. Well after about a month, it's finally about to materialize.

A brief reminder: The show (White Rose Radio) will be a weekly one hour program that will focus on social, political, and economic issues that aren't covered in the major corporate media. The program will be broadcast live on Tuesdays from 11p to noon. It can also be streamed from this site :

It's a daunting task that I an taking very seriously, but I'm also ecstatic about having this opportunity.

oh, yes, and Scott, I'm sorry that I didn't respond to your earlier post, but I would absolutely welcome any contribution that you'd want to make to the show! You can e-mail me about it at or call me at 513-824-1578
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