Alan (prayingforrain7) wrote,

Writer's Block: Guarding the Terrorists

If you were ordered to become a prison guard for alleged terrorists and live at Guantanamo, what would you find most difficult about your job?

I think that it'd be most difficult to have to be a part of holding them in prison since they've been charged with no crimes, and often are unable to even know the charges/evidence that would be used against them. Hmm, so, yes, either that *or* the hardest thing might be knowing that despite nearly half a century of propaganda, the only people in Cuba holding prisoners without charges are Americans.
Tags: guantanamo guard, inside guantanamo, national geographic channel, writer's block
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I cannot imagine how terrifying it would be to be imprisoned without knowing why. At least if you knew beforehand, you could start working out your alibi and plan of action to defend yourself. But having someone just toss you in a cell while keeping you in the dark? Christ.
I know, it's horrible. And we aren't talking about maybe being held for a few days until they figure out whether or not you actually committed a crime. No, these people have often been held for years without ever knowing why.